Monthly Archives: January 2016


Here is a simple garden decoration. The bottom is pointed so it fits into a drill point at the balance point of the top piece. The top is 3/8 round. Keep it light so the wind will rotate it easily. The bottom is 1/2 inch square.

Southern Tier January 2016 Meeting 1

The Southern Tier meeting was a big hit with John Fee demonstrating forge welding using the famous Fee flux. Pictured is a small hatchet made from a farriers rasp. John also forge welded a chain saw chain which we found out is a lot more work. The attendance was very good and John smoked some ribs and cooked up a […]

Mohawk Region meeting UPDATED YPRES 2016

Boy, now I’m more bummed out than before that I’ll be out of town that weekend. Sounds like a great project and if it is anything like the copper flower thing, not too hard to turn out.   -Ken Cameron New York State Designer Blacksmiths Chittenango Landing Canal Boat Museum    

Mohawk Region meeting UPDATED YPRES 2016

Mohawk Region meeting will be Sunday Jan 31 – the demo has changed and we will be forging poppies for the YPRES 2016 monument. Mark will demo the poppies and then everyone can have a go at forging one. I have several laser cut poppy blanks available and this is a chance to have one of your forged items included […]

Damascus Knife

This is a knife that I traded a toolbox for. Made by Bruce Godlesky and features a hand tooled sheath, and a copper bolster. The handle is elk (Bruce is from PA where they have an Elk herd) and has a Miss Liberty quarter on the butt end.

Wrench Hooks

This is a set of wall hooks made from wrenches. Since these are alloy steel it takes some work to forge them but they are great items for the man cave or work shop. They show up at sales with very reasonable prices.

Flying Pig

  The local ice cream stand has a number of sculptures and they asked me to build a flying pig (their logo). The pictures show the result. The balance is just right that the spring lets it rock back and forth and the base is just the right diameter so that it doesn’t tip over easily. The black part of […]