Fall All Hands update

To all:

The Fall All Hands Meeting will be Oct 7&8 at the Burns Blacksmith Shop at the Hammond Museum, Hammond NY.  We had a wind issue two years ago and we have taken steps to deal with that this year.  We also have a nearby alternate site available if the need arises.

Our paid demonstrator this year is Terry Sheridan.  Terry is a self-employed machinist, welder and blacksmith from Collingwood, Ontario, Canada.  Most of his work is for the heavy construction machine industry, as well as, the local ski resort industry.  At his business, most of his forging is for industrial applications; however, he has been forging since an early age, on the family farm.  Gas forges and power hammers are used at the machine shop.  His passion though is at home, using a coal forge and simple tools to create historically correct items from centuries past.  The items he enjoys most to make are tools.  Terry has demonstrated for various blacksmith groups in Ontario, Ohio and most recently, Alabama.  Terry will be demonstrating forging an adze and the tools required to make it.  As a side note, Terry is featured in the summer 2017 issue of ABANA’s The Hammer’s Blow forging, you guessed it, an adze.  The adze will be forged from mild steel or wrought iron with a carbon steel insert welded in the cutting edge.

Scholarship winner Mark Teece will demo Saturday morning to be followed by Terry Sheridan.  After lunch of blacksmith’s stew and business meeting if there is one, Terry will continue.  Terry has also graciously agreed to forge a Throwing Tomahawk on Sunday.  Same type of materials for the hawk.

Should be an awesome time this year so make plans for October 7&8.

More to follow.  Any questions or comments please email me at ddufore@twcny.rr.com.