June 2017 Genesee Regional Meeting

Due to construction at the Arc & Flame center, and the lack of a backup location, the Genesee region will not be having a meeting this month. Don’t worry though, the new space is worth the wait.

As a reminder, the Niagara region is hosting the 2017 All-Hands Summer Picnic on August 6th.

An additional reminder, dues are due in July. Provided the Arc & Flame center is ready by then, we will be having our regular meeting on the third Saturday of the month. Please be sure to renew your membership when you come in or you will not be able to forge. Renewal is 20 dollars for existing members, and 30 dollars for the first year for new members, after which the renewal fee is 20 dollars.

Also coming up in July, we will be holding elections for co-forge master(s?). I am stepping down after two years. Being the forge master does not mean you have to be an expert smith, just that you are willing to step up and help. Both Kyle and I will still be around to answer questions and help with any questions that come up, so don’t be worried about being thrown in the deep end. This is open to anyone, so let us know if you are interested! Plus, you get an awesome title to tell all your friends and co-workers!