Oneida Craft Days with Mohawk Region 1

The Mohawk Region of blacksmiths demonstrated at the Oneida Craft Days in Oneida NY on September 9 and 10th. Nathan organized this fabulous demonstration with a number of blacksmiths working on two gas forges and three anvils and demonstrating for both days. We had lots of questions and inquiries into the art of blacksmithing and where to sign up! We signed up two new members and handed out several flyers of prospect members.

New members were taught skills by John “born to teach” Brunelle and others. It was a great weekend of forging an changing out and we met a lot of new people. These events are an excellent way to bring blacksmithing to more people in New York and we will be doing more demo days in the future.

Thanks to Nathan for getting this demo started and thanks to the following for helping with set-up/take down/forging:

Nathan Johnston, Steve Ruger, John Brunelle, Bryan Moran, Mark Teece, Mike Allen, Larry Obrist, Shane Evans, Ernie Balch, Diane Balch, Jesse Swinney, and anyone that I forgot!

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