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  • May have 2 tapes per request. Series count as 1 tape.
  • Tapes to be kept for 2 weeks. May be extended if not reserved when requested by phone call.
  • $20.00 deposit per order. Will be returned when videos are returned. Postage fees will be subtracted!!
  • Non returned tapes will result in loss of Video privilege.
Tapes may be ordered from:
Marty Snye
3063 State Highway 37
Ogdensburg, NY 13669

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Video List :

Blacksmith Journal –Tapes 1 & 2

Forged Elegance – Cyril Colnick

Colonial Williamsburg — 1 Tape

Colonial Gunsmith, Williamsburg Blacksmith’s, Forging Andirons

Bob Becker @ NYSDB

Walt Scadden @ Ashokan

Jerry Darnell – 1 Tape Colonial Door Latch & Hinges

Tom Joyce @ California Conference

Dorthy Steigler — Baskets and Welding

William Brady — Master Blacksmith

Fred Crist @ Ashokan

Francis Whitaker @ Ashokan 4 Tapes, 8 hrs. each

Francis Whitaker @ JC Campbell Folk School

Blacksmith Classes @ JCCFS

Rose Iron Works @ Alfred NY 1996

Walt Scadden @ FABA 2 Tapes

1989 World Conference, Aachen, Germany

Francis Whitaker @ JCCFS

Peter Happny @ Ashokan 3 Tape series

Bud Oggier @ Ashokan Using tool steel

Robb Gunter demo 1989

Hans Peot @ NYSDB About tools

Forge Welding with Bob Patrick

Francis Whitaker – Forge in the Forest

Dan Boone @ NYSDB

Tom Joyce @ Ashokan

Patina Finishes for Brass, Bronze, Copper, Steel & Aluminum

Made in America –Albert Paley & Wendel Castle

Clifton Ralph — Power Hammer 2 tapes 10 hrs.

Hershel House — Kentucky Rifle & Blacksmith Basics

Hershel House – Building American Flintlock Rifle

Homer Dangler — Classic American Long Rifle 2 tape series

Long Hunter Series — #’s 1, 2, 3, & 4

Bill Moran – Forging a Blade & Forging Damascus 1 Tape

Jim Hirsoulas — Forging Knives and Damascus 2 Tape series

Ed Fowler — Forging 52100 Ball Bearing Steel

Al Pendray — Knife Making & Heat Treating 3 tape series

Wayne Goddard — Wire Damascus

Ashokan Bladesmith Symposium 2 tape series

RD-3  Hubbler Hammerins    —    Animal heads

RD-5  Metal madness, Guild meeting   —    Forging Bronze and Copper

RD-9  1992 BAM Conference    —    Clay Spencer Demo

RD10A & B   1992 ABANA Conference   —   Daryl Nelson Demo

RD14  Metal Madness   —   George Dixon

RD15   Animal heads   —   Daryl Nelson

RD19   Basic Forging         Ward Brinegar

RD23   1994  ABANA Conference  –Yellin’s Legacy

RD26    2003 Metal Madness     —    Mindy & Mark Gardener

RD31    Kitchen tools    —   Doug Hendrickson

RD35    Knife Making     —    Billy Watson

RD39    Animals     —      Joe Anderson

RD48     Colonial Repo   —   Peter Ross

RD54   Tunnel Hill –Elmer Rausch

RD65   UMBA  Conference  (DVD)  —   Charlie Orlando

RD67   Metal Madness     —      Walt Scadden

RD70    Scrolls, Welding etc —   Mark Pierce

RD76    2002 Blue Knife Seminar

RD90    General smithing —   Bob Alexander

RD91    Folding Knife                     ?

JK1      Colonial Reproduction — Peter Ross

E1 Knots & twists    —    Dorothy Stiegler

UBA1   Flowers — Kirk Shellins

Blacksmith’s Journal Tape #3

How to work with wrought iron  Ornamental iron works factory