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So you have visited your local region, fell in love with blacksmithing and have decided to become a member.  Listed below are our different levels of membership, please read through them and choose the one most appropriate for you.

* All membership types follow our fiscal year which begins July 1st and ends June 30th of the following year.
* Please keep in mind that  all our regions generally have a $5 meeting fee and Iron in the hat.
* Our meetings typically start with coffee around 8 am followed by a demo and then hands on work.

Categories of Membership:

a.    Regular Member: One who practices blacksmithing as a profession or avocation and is not a student.  Regular members have one vote. Regular member dues are 20 dollars with an additional 10 dollar registration fee the first year for a total of 30 dollars the first year and 20 dollars each successive year.

b.    Student Membership: One who is under 18 and/or is a full-time student in an educational institution recognized as such by the State of New York, and who furnishes proof of enrollment to the Membership Committee of the New York State Designer Blacksmiths.  Student membership shall not exceed four academic years.  Student members do not have a vote. Student membership dues are 10 dollars with an additional 10 dollar registration fee the first year for a total of 20 dollars the first year and 10 dollars each successive year. *Parental permission and or supervision is required for anyone under 18 years of age.

c.    Associate Member: Non-blacksmiths who are interested in blacksmithing, such as educational institutions, firms, museums, professional associations, etc. who elects to pay $100.00 or over for an annual membership.  Associate members do not have a vote.

d.    Honorary Member: One who has been elected to such status for exemplary service by the membership.  Honorary members do not have a vote.

e.    Life Member Award: Life membership shall be awarded to members of the NYSDB, on their 65th birthday, who are and have been members in good standing for ten years.  A recommendation from the Member’s Forge Master is required.

f.    Family Membership: A family unit who practice blacksmithing as a profession or avocation and at least one of whom is an adult.  Family memberships have one vote and shall receive one copy of the newsletter.

Family dues are calculated by using the Regular Membership as a base  then adding an extra 5 dollars for each minor and 10 dollars for each additional adult. The family membership would have one vote on organizational affairs and shall not pay the initiation fee.

Apply for NYSDB membership at your local meeting or mail in our downloadable brochure NYSDSB Trifold Brochure.

Details regarding membership in NYDSB can also be found in the organization’s bylaws Constitution and Bylaws.