NYSDB Regions

The New York State Designer Blacksmiths (NYSDB)

The NYSDB is a 501, c, 3 non-profit corporation that was founded in 1982 after the Ripley, West Virginia conference of the Artist-Blacksmiths Association of North America (ABANA).  We are currently an active affiliate.

The NYSDB Organization is currently set up with five regions throughout the state:

The local smiths, under the leadership of a forgemaster, set up monthly regional meetings.  In addition to these monthly gatherings there are several meetings a year where the total state membership gets together for demonstrations, hammer-in activities, and business meetings.

Members are welcome to attend any of the meetings, but usually participate with their closest region.  Please note that All-hands meetings are for members only but regular regional monthly meetings are open to all with curiosity.   Any interested individuals may visit two regional monthly meetings for free.  If anyone wishes to continue beyond the  two initial meetings they must join the NYSDB.  There is a membership inquiry and fee information available on the Joining Us page.

An additional member benefit is our annual scholarships; available to  members after a year of enrollment.  Information on these scholarships and an inquiry form are located on the Scholarships page.

For up to date information about our current events check out the calendar to your right or go to our Current Events page.