Niagara Region

Tim Gregg, Forgemaster

Niagara Region blacksmiths come from the following parts of New York State
(red dots on the map)

Niagara Region Members

   Niagara Forge usually meets on the second Sunday of every month, at Andy Chambers’ shop in Buffalo, NY (see directions below). Members of all skill levels are welcome at our meetings as there will be something valuable to learn for all blacksmiths.  Bring your favorite tools, i.e. hammer and tongs, so you can participate in the demonstrated project or work on your own stuff.

     Newcomers are welcome at our meetings.  Any interested individuals may visit two monthly meetings for free.  If anyone wishes to continue beyond the two initial meetings, they must join the NYSDB.  There is membership and fee information available on the Joining Us page or you can download the NYSDB Trifold Brochure, which includes membership details.  Safety equipment is required at all meetings, including safety glasses, gloves and hearing protection.

     Anyone interested in blacksmithing can contact Tim Gregg (716) 636-4827contact, other members of the steering group (listed below), or use the email form below for additional information.

Steering Group – Peter Parry (905) 894-4843 / Andy Chambers (716) 228-2446  / Joe McGahan (716) 751-6539 / Bob Corneck (716) 741-4311  / Keith Price (716) 625-9577 /  Terry Rose (716) 627-5686

The typical format for our meetings is as follows:

  • 9:00 to 10:00 First demo of the day
  • 10:00 to 12:00 hands-on practice of the skill demonstration. A “Green Coal” forge is dedicated to beginners who want to work on the basics.
  • 1:00 Iron-in-the-Hat raffle.  Please donate a forged item, or other item of interest to blacksmiths
  • 1:30 to 2:00 Second demo of the day
  • 2:00 to 3:00 hands-on practice of the skill demonstrated

Contact us to confirm the date, time and location!

     There is a $5 meeting fee, and Iron in the hat raffle at every meeting.  Personal Safety equipment is required at meetings, and includes eye, ear, and hand protection.   You can also use the email form below.  If you have any questions let us know!

Directions To Andy’s Shop
From I-190 Southbound: Exit #2 at Clinton/Bailey, turn right onto Clinton at bottom of exit, take 2nd left onto Roberts Ave.,
From I-190 Northbound: Exit #2 at Clinton/Bailey, turn left onto Clinton at bottom of exit, take first right onto Roberts Ave.,
THEN—Go to the end of Roberts, turn left on Roesser, Turn right into Worthington Complex, go about 100 yards then make another Right between the buildings. Go down to the end of all of the buildings and turn left and follow the road near the fence around back of the building near the RR tracks. The shop is halfway down, where the cars are parked.